To those who feel like failures


I’ve had my share of failures. The consistency of this blog might be considered one of them. But every failure is a chance to learn and improve. I’ve always believed that. I’m a perfectionist, I’m hard on myself frequently, but what keeps me from crumbling under that pressure is the knowledge that failure is progress.


It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things whether it takes you one attempt or ten to achieve your goals. It took me four tries (you can read about that here) and that twisting path might be why I have this approach to failure.


So I’ve failed – now what do I do…?

Reflect: if we’re ever to reach our full potential we have to be honest with ourselves. Reflection is a vital life skill, but especially vital in midwifery in order to evaluate ourselves and do better. So stop, breathe, and look back on the journey so far. Look at the bumps in the road, the easiest parts, even look back at the scenery. Every part of it has played some part in getting you to where are you are now. Acknowledge the good and the not so good. Figure out what needs to be brought further on the journey and what needs to be left behind.

Learn: do as much as you can. Learn about anything that makes your heart sing. In 2014 when I was waiting for my Pre Nursing offer to come out, I did a makeup course. The following year I learned about beekeeping. There are no bad choices when it comes to knowledge. Everything you learn, however you learn it, shapes you and how you move forward through the world. A full time FETAC course, a part time class in your local community centre, an online course. It all adds up to a more developed mind, new perspectives on the world, and great experience.

Find a good group: good people are good for your health. I really can’t stress that enough. Be it a book club, a running group, a facebook page, your instagram followers, it doesn’t matter! Having people around you that respect your journey or better yet understand it is invaluable. Collect these people, be lovely to each other, be supportive, and remember to have fun.

Self care: self care is incredibly important. And it’s not all very nicely laid out baths and pretty smoothie bowls. For me, most days, it’s a fifteen minute shower and a mocha. Figure out what you need to do to look after every aspect of your health and do it often.



I hope this has been helpful. It can be so hard to know what the next step is when you thought it would be in a different direction. But I promise the scenic route to your goals can be just as rewarding as the straight and narrow.




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