about Laura

Hi there! I’m Laura and I’m twenty four.

I had always been totally fascinated by everything to do with pregnancy and birth, but it wasn’t until I saw OBEM that I realised there was a job to go along with my passion. So I started working towards my dream.  I was finally offered a place on a Midwifery course in August 2016 and I finally started my midwifery course after three long years of applying (read about that journey here). Halfway through my degree I went to Cambodia to observe their maternity care provision with a company called Work the World and it was amazing. This is me after I had my hair shaved off and donated to raise money for the trip to Cambodia 👇

But why have I set up this blog? Well for one thing, it’s to make sure I don’t forget how to research. Blogging about techniques and practices is a great way to keep myself involved with the world of midwifery. I’m really passionate about person centred care. And it’s a great way to connect with lovely like-minded people and share ideas! So feel totally free to get in touch with me through this blog, or through my facebook page, my instagram, or my twitter. It’s really important to remember that this blog will also contain a lot of my own personal opinion: none of this is the opinion of my college, my classmates, my tutors, my job, my placements, etc. These are all my own opinions that I’ll try to translate into coherent sentences. 


As well as midwifery, I love baking. I have been working on my family history since I was sixteen. I’m into feminist history, especially Irish feminism. I do my best to practice yoga and meditation, with varying degrees of success. I am a very proud feminist, an advocate for choice, and an occasional makeup model. I’m also completely addicted to travelling and have a habit of booking a holiday within 48 hours of returning from somewhere.